Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 1, 2014

life..~by Akshaya Kumar Das




life has a dawn.
dawn is the bud
that begins to bloom
slowly from the closed petals
planted by the leaving night.
life has a morning.
morning is the infancy.
the flower starts opening up
its petals slowly with the
arrival of the sun rays.
life has a noon.
noon is the prime of youth.
in the prime of youth,
the eyes start winking
at every passing beloved,
with its wild attractions.
life has a afternoon.
afternoon is the adulthood.
the adulthood life is a lion.
full of energy brimming to burst.

life has dusk.
dusk is the junction
where life changes to evening.
life has an evening.
evening with the constellations and stars.
life has a night.
In the night the north star shines
amidst the constellations of the stars
Night is the end.
End is transfer of legacy.
life is surrounded by different stages.
in a day itself.
in a night itself.
with days chasing nights
chasing life.
in between life’s varied stages,
roles altered played by time.
playing the tunes to the gimmick of life

(c)Copy right Akshaya Kumar Das 1/11/2014 2:00 A.M.

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