Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 2, 2014

aLife !!! or Life not.. and death ~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



aLife !!! or Life not..
and death

Life is nothing
But little details..
Unfinished jobs
Pages in a book
Ups and downs
And fairy tales.
A walk in a road
With a few guiding signs
Playing love songs
With broken rhymes

If that was life..
So what’s (life not)
Sad short shot ..
To live like a machine
To forget how to smile
Or how to cry
How to love ..
How the children sing
How birds fly
To kill or get killed
In a stupid crazy war
Oh my God
Totally brain washed
By dunderheaded politicians
Or by talking dummy media star
That’s how your ( life not ) is
That’s what you are.

If that was ( life not)
So what is death?
Death is it ? !!!
Death is the lonely final stop
Rarely expected ,
But mostly ..
suddenly dropped
Over hearts are flimsy ,
and minds are mopped
Shocking hard
Temporary awakening
Till death is buried
Gently placed in the grave
Done ?
Good ..
then stop being worried
Go back to where you stopped
Get ready , may be the next one
Will be … your final stop
By : cambridge_train
Mandour Saleh Hikel

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