Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 3, 2014

Destination America~PENNSYLVANIA~by rldubour

Monday!! as we continue our journey through America (in alpha order) we will visit the Keystone State, a little history with poetry!



The residents are called~~ Pennsylvanians.
The state song is~~ Pennsylvania.
The first Presidential Mansion was in Philadelphia
After NYC the second capital city of America.


The motto is~~ Virtue, liberty and independence
And then nicknamed~~ the Keystone State.
Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell and
The famous Philly sandwich called the Cheese stake.


Betsy Ross made the first American
Flag and with pride we fly it high!
And John Behrent of Philadelphia built the
First piano in America in 1775.


The official insect is the~~ firefly
The Western Hemlock is the tree.
The flower is~~ The Mountain Laurel
And the Ruffed Grouse is the bird I see.


In Titusville, William Drake drilled the
First oil well in America in 1859.
It’s the law in Hazelton; you can not sip
A carbonated drink in an auditorium at anytime!


The Declaration of Independence signed in 1776
By our forefathers with conviction and devotion.
And Pennsylvania is the only original colony
Not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.


Every Christmas day is the re-enactment of
The “Crossing of the Delaware.”
And on February second that famous Phil
From Punxsutawney tells us what to wear.


In Harrisburg the Rockville Bridge is
The longest stone arch bridge in America.
And Ben Franklin opened the first public
Zoo in the nation, in Philadelphia.


Forbes Field the first and the oldest Baseball
Stadium built in nineteen-hundred and nine.
And the Super Bowl Champions the Pittsburgh
Steelers, 2005 was their year to shine.


Again it’s time for famous names like
Arnold Palmer and Rachel Carson.
Betsy Ross and Andrew Wyeth Robinson
James Buchanan and Jeffers and Edward Acheson.
Statehood, December 12, 1787 the 2nd state
The capital is Harrisburg
Origin of State Name: The name means “Penn’s woodland” and honors Admiral William Penn, whose son, William Penn, founded the colony.
With the states political importance the Nickname became the, The Keystone State.
Hershey is the Chocolate Capital in the United States.
Known as the Mushroom Capital of the world is Kenneth Square
Antrim Township is considered being a part of the Mason-Dixon line.
Stewartstown hired its first police officer in 1876. He was also the town lamp lighter.
Kennett Square is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World.
Originally Bellefonte, a town now with a population of 5,000, was once considered to be Pennsylvania’s capital. But Harrisburg was chosen because of the easy navigation on the Susquehanna River.
In June 1778, a 700 wagon caravan escorted the Liberty Bell on its return to Philadelphia from Allentown along Towamencin’s Allentown Road. Nine months earlier, when British troops threatened to capture the city, the bell had been whisked into hiding via the same route.
When completed in 1882, the Kinzua Railroad Bridge near Mount Jewett was acclaimed “the highest and longest railroad viaduct in the entire world.” Rising 301 feet from the valley floor at its center, with a total length of 2100 feet.

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