Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 4, 2014

……… I AM BEAUTY…….~by DrSatyender ParkashAas



……… I AM BEAUTY…….

My flames ever young,
Burning all the ugliness,
In sunshine, youthful days
In moonlit romantic nights,
In passionate,powerful winks,
In sensuous dreams,visions,
Thirsty luscious,eyes drinks,
My body depicts, my beauty
Visionary fabulous nudity,
My hairs, my kingdom,
Darkness, my wisdom.
The clours of all dreams,
My forehead, my grace,
The heavenly, my face,
The lips, flights of flowers,
Cheeks, rosy showers,
The head, green forest,
filled with singing birds,
Breast, swarms of white bees,
On the boughs of my body,
The extreme,rainbowy buddy,
Silky, creamy, soft,alluring skin,
Floating on inner, sensuous waves,
Attracting, beauty,pleasing wings
Queen overpowering,lusty kings,
Enslaving the mammals all?
Cool jewels, precious hauls.
I rules the souls and hearts?
I am the beauty in this world.
The only master of human hearts?
I am, rare, earthly-heavenly realms.

-© Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas”, 05-11-2014.

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