Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 4, 2014

The Incorrigible Nature…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Incorrigible Nature…

peeping into your secrets,
my eyes were blushing,
my eyes were drinking
the nectars from the valleys,
resting the head
between the thin
lines of the hillocks’ cleavages.
I was falling asleep.
I was roaming in the lagoon of my dreams,
Bathing in the water that fell
from the top of the hills.
No one knew the source of the water.
Fell there since time immemorial,
countless lovers bathed there.
capturing the sizzling
hot moods into acts of cupid.
the tourist to the thinker
who ever saw the secret.
got engrossed with a scenic impulse,
youngsters bathing with freedom in the fall,

drank the nectars of the cascades
falling from nature.
the lovers baring their hearts there.
for an unique touch of the budding graphs.
with tongues accidentally bitten ,
tongues innocently swallowing the moment.
lips connecting to the love bitten signs,
from hugs to passionate embraces,
carving the stories of love.
on the hard surface of the rocky soils.
with each arrow of love fired like a missile.
piercing into the soul of the beloved
with the passionate feelings , with wound marks,
leaving the marks to unravel
the stories carved with
the cupids’ sharp arrows. .

(c) Copy right Akshaya Kumar Das ,Bhubaneswar 3/11/2014

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