Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 5, 2014

THE TREE~by Rajendra Padhi




I stand here uncertainly
Two leaves in the twig
Bends for light of morn,
Sway weakly in the wind
Lonely I grow swinging
Like an abandon child into a girl
As longings of every passerby.
I shyly bow down my face
Masses of flowers on breast,
Rapt thirsty lips for juicy fruits
My call in the words of love,
The bees as enchanting brides
Quiver in honey-sweet songs
Caress my spring in passion.
The sun-brook brimfully kisses
The Cooing birds rest on breast,
My Flowers bloom feasting eyes
Radiantly glow around God’s neck,
A gift of love in basking bouquet
Bright in the head of a lovely girl
Lovers Look at her without fatigue.
I stand firm in blazing heat
In freezing snow of winter,
Never scared of untimely storm
Never spoke out my pain
When my arms are chopped down.
Suddenly leaves fall fast
Left alone in wrinkled skin,
Uncared as broken doll
I see me useless as old.
Orphaned by earth I depart
Time’s fidelity pains me a lot,
Up rooted from garden
Like a broken pot to the soil.
Composed and copy right by Rajendra k. Padhi

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