Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2014

Close Your Eyes~by rldubour




Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and picture this as we walk hand and hand.
Along a moon lit beach-leaving footprints in the sand.
Close your eyes and listen to the ocean with her waves.
As we walk along the beach to each our hearts we gave.
Close your eyes and picture this as we tenderly kiss.
With locked lips in hot embrace the night be filled with bliss.
Close your eyes and feel the passion racing through your soul.
As you feel your body ache from head down to your toes.
Close your eyes and feel the love you never thought you would.
As you slowly lose control as you never thought you could.
Close your eyes and look back at those footprints in the sand.
As you realize what you have a chance to love again.
Close your eyes and know the loneliness no more.
And know that life ahead has so much more in store.
Close your eyes and once again feel that you’re alive.
And know that someone loves and cares until the day they die.
R.L. DuBour

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