Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2014

MADNESS~by Saroj Padhi




Life is no more a crispy cracker
Here in this sullen weather
With a dusty sanctorum and a glossy outer;
Where we miss all that fever
To elicit even an empty blabber
From heart’s outer chamber ;

Lying on the floor of a shrinking earth
We watch fallstreak holes above
Without knowing a lurking death ;
When Ebola and AIDS
strike at the root of our new birth.

Are we a receding generation
Missing real madness in life ?
Lost in din of a long fruitless strife ?

Missing the madness —
To hug Mars and Moon;
To ride a rainbow
Or be in love with self
Or someone else late or soon;

The madness to live or die for a cause
The madness to work with a meaningful pause !

Where is that song of life? That hunt for the truth, whole?
Aren’t we a generation with a dying lyricism of the soul?

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