Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2014

………. Beauty : The Queen……~by Dr, S. P. Nanda “Aas”



………. Beauty : The Queen……

“My physical, loving figure,
Aattractive breasts are, swarms
Of white bees, upon the bough
Of my sensational, creamy body.
Proudly rising pretty neck
Good-looking, dimples,cheeks
Appealing, graceful, luscious lips,
Delightful, stunning, dreamy eyes
Alluring, arresting eyelashes
Winsome, catching eyeballs
Rosy tender lovely mouth,
Excellent, shining teeth,
Smiling glamorous winks,,
Drop-dead gorgeous all.
I am beauty,the queen of all.”

”My head, green forest of
Brainwaves, flowing wings
full of thrilling swirls, rings,
Magnificent colourful hair
Shivering on my delicate ears,
Sensitive, subtle sense organs,
Control sensuous, amorous charms,
Hypnotizing,skin beauty mesmeric,
Hypnotic, seductive, hypodermic.”
I rules passionate kings, hearts
The real ruler of this earth. ”

© Dr. S. P. Nanda “Aas”.. 05-11-2014

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