Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2014


Poesy plus Polemics

"Idea" Abstract image from “Idea”
Abstract image from

the mind is a lonely chamber
a notional womb-space
unquietly busy with purposeless
comings and goings of strangers
thoughts alien dispossessed
orphans of intellect
stumbling about unenlightened
bereft of connections
yet hopeful of being adopted

they jostle they manhandle
shove through the crowd
ever seeking positions of
frontal lobe prominence
wanting the slightest
acknowledgement knowing
that even a brief recognition
assures them distinction of place
in grand memory banks

here they’d live in indefinite
pregnancy waiting that moment
of formative candid nativity
fully emergent intact and discrete
as one cogent idea held aloft
on its very own brainwave
now ready and willing and able
to travel its way to expression
in audible speech by its host

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