Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2014

The Second Grade~by DrRatan Bhattacharjee



The Second Grade

Originality is a myth
and Grading is an academic practice
Prize poem is a tactics
Facebook applause is all deceptive
You Mr.Fool,
Dont go melting,
when all call your writing ‘beautiful’.

Bards of same feather flock together
to boast of first grade
But after Jesus and Moses
After Einstein and Newton
After Shakespeare and Tagore….
all are much less , much less.
A gentleman never goes so awry
Never goes so slangy and slurry

Your write up is yet to be published
from the first grade press
if at all in distant future by God’s Grace.

Facebook applause is deceptive
Mr. First Grade writer,
Your foul mouthed tongue is mighty
But Pen is mightier
Foul mouthed words only
One’s nasty mind
You know.
Sir, please look behind
who were there with you
who you knew were so kind.
O they are many, not a few
They were second and third grade
You Mr. Fool , you have ever thought,
why they would line up behind you?

Your worst write up is yet to find
the best press of the globe
Your fame is on the descent
in the status slope

A loud giggle or guffaw
Hi, foolish Mister poet
O! You are not
A George Bernard Shaw!

Your new men and women
around you flattered you high
They will all leave you
with a sigh
when you boast of your grade
you are not the first , but the last

That you boast you are the champ
you are the best
Of all foolishness
your grade is first!
In your Dunciad
Your boast of grade is the worst..

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