Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2014

HEARTS ARE EASILY BROKEN~by John Patrick Boutilier




Hearts are easily broken
But not so easily repaired
Mine has been broken so many times
The largest shards are small as dimes

I’ve had my heart ripped from my chest
With malice and even worse intent
Some even wore a smile on face
As they tore my heart from resting place

There were times I thought I’d die
Such was felt degree of loss
I’d sit there empty for so long
Wondering where I went wrong

There were times I’d hope and pray
Begging God for her return
I was so in pain I couldn’t see
I’d not lost her, ‘twas she lost me

I survived to love again
Despite belief I’d never heal
Though all the pain may never end
Given time the heart did mend

However oft hurt is repeated
Whatever damage may be done
I will always rise above
As long as I believe in love

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2014
All Rights Reserved

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