Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2014

Daily missive for Monday the 10th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 10th of November.

write for you.
Not that I know how, or why.
But it is a need
I continue to feed.
A compulsion,
An itch that must be scratched.
A restless confusion
A baffling riddle
That leaves me little reason
To find a solution,
Or resolution.
The words lie within,
But somehow, I know
They wait to be released.
Bubbling and jostling together,
I sense their anticipation.
They can tumble onto the page
Wholly formed.
Sentences can appear,
Without any thinking
Taking place at all.
The ease of it
Leaves me in wonder.
Is it arrogance?
Am I a fool
To believe such a simple thing

As these few lines
Can stand close scrutiny,
When so little thought
Is given to their construction.
It halts the momentum,
Until I think of you,
And for that moment
Time, as a concept,
Is a nonsense.
It is only a thought,
But it fills my heart
And joy is a blanket
That enfolds me.
A different kind of warmth,
That massages my soul,
All thought of loss,
And fear of lethargy melts away.
I am a dancer,
And magician.
Not an artisan,
Or even a word technician,
But an artist.
Painting love in words,
No longer absurd,
But heaven sent,
And they bloom,
Like flowers
With an aromatic scent.
I string them in a series
Of finely cut bouquets,
Gift wrapped,
Tied together,
With a neat little bow,
And write a dedication,
With love,
From me to you.


  1. Writing is magic!

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