Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2014

Manhood ..~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Manhood ..

the hood
that man wears,
does not
allow him
to surrender.
man li
like the ancient
man of stone age.
in all modernity,
by the stone
like qualities,
hard like a rock,
in his performance,
perform or perish.
but never to surrender.
the manly ego
plays the game
of hide & seek.
what he hides,
cannot seek.
what he seeks
cannot hide.
the sad truth.

the modern man
in all modern ness
cannot forget
the stone age
which compel
him to commit
acts never
supposed to do.
it is like a helmet
for safety
or a condom
for safety.
which he
does not like
to wear either.
his freedom
he never wants
to surrender.

(c) copy right Akshaya Kumar Das 10/11/2014 11:29 P.M.

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