Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 12, 2014

WINTER FIRE~by Saroj Padhi




Where is that sweet chill of Winter
conjuring fire at the tip of your finger
that inflamed each cell to a Summer
in your lap under hot blanket cover ,
when the turmeric leaves of your body
encircled the batter of my desires before
boiling down into cake of a sweet prayer?

Where are those song birds gone
that roosted
In the Chilka of your dew-drenched hair
with perfume of a bewitching peace,
after catch of fish,
pervading in the swing of the surrounding air ?

I’m waiting for you Winter , only for your sake
here at the cold hearth of my lonely home
where you offered me a bite from that cake ;
for that pious ablution in your eyes’ lake
where your chill had a different feel
I’m waiting for your fingers
my soul to thoroughly rake .

Comp. n copy right : saroj k. padhi

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