Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2014

9 – FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS~by Azam Siddiqui




I have a dream,
We all have got a dream,
for which if we have to scream,
We will shout out loud,
and make it true and we will feel so proud.

Dream everybody of us pursue in life,
how beautiful it would be,
if it will come to us and we will live it,
but dreams are not meant to be so simple,
if it’s so simple it cannot be a dream.

Dream take away somebodies life
sometimes dream give the purpose to life,
human beings without a dream,
can not feel slightest shift in their life.

It’s the purpose of human existence
It’s the purpose for which we live,
It’s the purpose even rich has,
it’s the purpose even poor live with.

Without dreams, no one can move ahead in life,
dream gives a reason to lead your life,
dreams are the fuel which provides the race to your life,
dreams are the most effective tool for success in life.

Sometimes we shift our focus,
and sometimes we fall in love,
but love is also a purpose of life,
With love pursue your dream,
and live a happy life.



  1. Dreams are the ones which keeps us moving. Dreams give us direction in life and even define our destinies. Keep writing!

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