Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2014

Dreaming~by Yousuf Bin Mohammad




When dream transcends reality
And truth, illusion all enmeshed
Leave coffee silently untouched
A silent cigarette burns away
Unkissed, untouched speaks silently
Of dreams unsaid and dreams unheard
And leave a void of a rising moon
Within the lake where swans would play
And dance and sing to dreams unheard
This coffee, cigarettes, beers and dreams
And swans dancing on unheard dreams
When this gigantic chimera
Breaks and shatters in the wind
Would it be disillusionment
Or yet another drunken dream?
-Yousuf bin Mohammad
(P.S. Don’t attempt interpreting it, you would lose the joy of reading.)


  1. who understands the wisdom of God, no one, amen

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