Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2014

JOURNEY AT NIGHT~by Azam Siddiqui




When the whole world sleep,
somebody is still awake,
gazing at the time which passes by,
and just think why he is awake.

Sometimes the reason remains unknown,
sometimes the words remain unspoken,
the world is lost somewhere,
but somebody still remain awake.

What he is searching in the night so dark,
is he finding his reason or simply listen to night that barks,
still the love remains quite,
still the reason remains not so bright.

Still today somebody is waiting for some answer,
and all such thought doesn’t let him sleep,
and he keeps on thinking until he is awake,
why this night comes and why he remains awake.

His world is being lost somewhere,
his universe is being dispersed somewhere,
where to find the pathway in galaxy,
he is finding that reason for that he is awake.

Now it’s being the journey long back,
it has been travelled miles and miles away,
still the pathway keeps on revolving,
until the reason is found for which he is awake.

Now it’s the time the mountains should be moved,
now it’s the time the galaxies should be conquered,
now it’s our time to left the world which never exists,
now it’s the time to live the life which still exists.

Now the reason is found,
now the vision is clear,
now the only way is to be HAPPY,
and that is the final destination.


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