Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2014

Mittens~by rldubour




Everyone has heard the story

About those little kittens.

And how one day they misbehaved

And lost all of their mittens.


But, did you know

How the rest of the story goes?

Enough time has past

The rest of the story can be told at last!


Through confidential records

And a very reliable source.

We can finally tell the story

And chart their very course.


Their mom had gave them brand new mittens

And sent them out to play.

They romped and ran all through the yard

And lost track of the day.


When it was time to go inside

They all had lost their way.

They hid under the apple tree

And were very afraid.


Then along came Willy Weasel

He was the mayors son.

He was the bully of the yard

And thought he would have some fun.


One by one he took those kittens!

One by one he took their mittens!

And he warned them

Each and every one

Not to tell! What he had done!


And if they did

Then they would pay

For the weasels crimes

He did that day!


And off he went

With their mittens.

Not once felt sorry

For those kittens.


Those little kittens made it home

And did tell their mom.

Mom did not believe them

And went to Father Tom.


Father Tom then heard their story

And wrote it in his log.

Then he called the sheriff

The German Shepard dog.


The sheriff did find Willy

And put him right in jail.

For stealing all those mittens

There would be no bail.


This is how the story went

Protect the Mayors son!

This is why we all thought

They lost their mittens one by one!

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