Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 14, 2014

Daily missive for Friday the 14th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 14th of November.

Rain washed sky,
Falling down,
Into a sea
Of teeming souls,
Splashed by the
Dust of yesterday.
Lonely hearts,
Torn from slumber,
Lovers, warmed
By the memory
Of an electric kiss.
Awnings, full to bursting,
Gutters over flowing,
Windows steaming.
Rheumy eyed strangers
Jostle for coffee.
To drink in,
Or take away.
They use hot cups,
To warm cold hands,

And stare into space.
Blank looks fixed,
On every face
As they dream
Of sun and sand,
Of golden beach,
Exotic land,
And holidays
Seen so clearly
Through the morning haze,
A reassurance of better days.
And they feel alive.
It gets them through
The nine to five.
And everyday,
In rain or shine,
Though thoughts may drift,
And time shift,
They feel much the same way,
Quietly hoping,
Dreamily moping,
Wishing their lives away.

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