Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2014

AFFLICTION~by Indigo Poetess




Why Was I Never Told
With The Promise Of Greatness I Was Sold
I Would Fall So Mightily Verily Told ?
Ever More Bold
On The PATH Whilst I Grew Old
I Intently Searched For Fools Gold
In Certain Comtemplation
There Was Never A Cessation
For My Search For Ovation
It Became My Fixation
I Would Receive Grandest Jubilation
Without Cessation
A Perfect Creation
An Enduring Duration
A Trilogy Of My Own Foundation
Held Within My Every Oration
I Should Receive The Ovation
The Highest Acclamation
The Highest Proclamation
A Self Perceived Grandiose Affirmation
I Would Be The Subject Of Admiration
All Would See Me As Each One’s Aspiration
My Every Move A Calculation
Precision Calibration
To Received Unceassing Celebration
I Would Most Certainly Be The The Conversation
Peoples Every Cogitation
My Every Declaration
Seemingly A Highest Of Elevation

I Lost My Way And There I Found
Aggravation Of Soundness Of Mind
Vexation Of Soul
Accusation At Every Turn
Complication Of Each Plan
Desolation With Each Failure
Devastation As My World Crumbled
Tribulation Of My Very Soul
Loss Of Riches Untold
I Then Asked
Where Is The True Destination
What Could It Be ?
How Shall I Receive Purification
From My Own Self Intoxication
From Self Glorification ?
I Balk At Perceived Humiliation

Loneliness has gripped me
Darkness Always In View
My Tears Flowed Like The Euphrates
My Head I Hung Low
I Feared Fear Itself
Transformation Of My Inner Self Is What I Seek To Find
A Self Inflicted Weariness Looms Closely
Where Is A Light
One That Would Shine
Even If Not Bright
I Have Forgotten How To See
I Am Tired
I Am Weary
There Will Be No Sleep
I Will Take My Flesh And Soul
On A Different Journey
Of One I Was Never Told Existed
I Beg ,
May Mercy Light My Path
© 2013 Indigo Poetess

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