Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2014

LULLABY~by Payal Hope




Keep the windows wide open
Let the moonlight fall on your face
Come here and lay your head on my lap
Close your eyes
Do you see the twinkling stars?
They are your dreams that I have kept safe until you lie awake
Feel the warmth of the cocoon you are lying in
I know that you are a brave little darling
But while you’ll be lying here powerless and with innocence
I will be here warding off the demons and fighting your fight
Don’t you worry about here
You go wander into the beautiful places
Come back to me in the morning
Open your fists
Let go of the fears
I am here
Let the little mind of yours rest
Let the music of your breaths play
Don’t be scared
I am here
I will always be here
Let your eyes rest
You saw a lot
Let your eyelids fall
Let your eyelids fall
Let your eyelids fall.


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