Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 20, 2014

Drunken Moods…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Drunken Moods…

Drink the feelings
as much as you can.
when in embrace,
within the closed eye lids,
moments harvested,
frenzied feelings,
frenzied moods,
soul in captivity,
the beloveds’ wonderful,
spreads of the chest,
with hearts’ music playing beneath,
the lady Chatterley lover
resting the love tanks,
on the chests barren fields,
both gasping for breaths,
the breathe not halting for a moment,
sounding like a powerful horse steps,
with touches pricking the points
of the body and mind ,
giving a sensuous hungry apetite,,
the hunger never quenches,
the thirst never quenching,
drink the nectar of love
as much as you can.
A momentary bliss,
A momentous solitude,
A momentous unison.
all tickling, curdling , boiling
since the start of civilization.
tickling, boiling, curdling,
with a long trail of the past till infinity.

(c) copy right Akshaya Kumar Das 20/11/2014

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