Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 20, 2014

WINTER~by Rajendra Padhi




It is winter now cooling the day and crispy nights
Rivers and streams wear dresses in gentle white,
Sun smiles lately to wake up them in little songs
Where ever they go turn it into a happier land.

We wait patiently for mother’s call many times
Come back again and again stretching out blanket,
The joy of slumber wasted in an angry call
We haste in a flight to reach our school in time.

Lovers like the ripened grains sway in the breeze
Languishing warmth mingle them in hot breath,
Twined in each other like falling dew drops unite
Turn long nights as festival of love without fatigue.

The moon beams in icy glitter over the trees
Drives the lilies to smile a little in barely buds
The sun in liquid eyes halfheartedly shine
Slowly cast off colors on petals like an artist.

Birds are left uncaring in tiny flakes of ice freezing
West to east they fly in dashing flight for sunny lakes,
Where winter don’t creak and sway in the wind
The bliss of love drop by drop gathered in flying.

I walk in woolen dress tightening my nerves
Bejeweled by stars streaming in the streets of sky,
In quick departing evening of a shrinking crowd
Echoing me in the chillness and haze of winter.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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