Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 21, 2014

Human Catalog

Poesy plus Polemics

"Humanity" Painting by Arbana Hajredinaj From “Humanity”
Painting by Arbana Hajredinaj

deeds written
across sheaves
of intentions
acts sacred
and profane
record history
made by the
free will of men
both the bold
and the meek
the indifferent
the passionate

we become
what we care
to imagine
each one of us
abled for good
and for evil the
best and the
worst and the
middling create
all the pride
and the shame
of our passage
with privilege
through time
through a life
marked by pluses
and minuses

ledger strokes
tallying values
determining heft
of what impacts
we make on
memory what
might we teach
wrong or right
dark or bright
by example of
vices and virtues
how well if at all
will we illustrate
villains or valiants
or straddlers who
nonetheless function
benignly between

if we live without
luck but with
purpose and plan
our experiences
less by accident
more by design

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