Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 22, 2014





This is for my dear daughter who is going to sleep
To find a crown for her head I once walked a jungle deep

Deep inside the jungle I found not a single soul
Sometimes, I had to ride a hillock sometimes, I had to crawl

As I went ahead the path ended in front of a cave
For my little daughter’s crown I needed to act brave

The cave was silent like a sage and inside it was dark
If I did not find the crown I thought I would go berserk

I stood for a while and listened if there was any sound
I whistled a tune soft and slow if any one could be found

A faint whisper fell in my ears as if a stream was flowing
I held my breath to listen again if any wind was blowing

Deeper I went into the cave and my eyes fell on a stream
Dancing over the sturdy rocks it was flowing like a dream

As I looked into the water I could never find my face
Instead there was floating a picture with a golden lace

I got scared, withdrew back and looked above my head
A swarm of flies hung on to the roof as if they were dead

I dip my head once again and could not find my trace
There was someone as pretty as a doll kept in a glass case

Her face was all smiles and the eyes shone brown
There on her head was shining a tiny diamond crown

Her lips quivered as she said she was the Angel Mary
She could fly, swim and vanish at will like a little fairy

If you were angel Mary why you were here in this den
The cave smelled so foul and I won’t visit here again

It was for you only I have been here for long all alone
Waiting to prize your daughter with my diamond crown

She lifted the crown from her head and placed it in my hands
Before she vanished in the stream we became fast friends

I held the crown aloft and the cave began to shine bright
I could find the path without trouble with its glowing light

The precious crown is with me it’s shining inside my scrip
It adorns my sweet daughter’s head when she goes to sleep

I caress her head and kiss her as I switch off the light
Peace reigns heavy on the face when I say her good night

Copy right @Tiku 2014

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