Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 22, 2014

Music transcends boundaries….~by Tanuj Manchanda



Music transcends boundaries….

In the rhythm, I soak myself
along the path of notes
crystallizing the ears, I lay my soul bare
to be embraced by the beauty of it
the sound resonating within, like a bell ringing in a church
the relief which is eternal, gathers around
like a forest cuddled by fog
such is the impact of music, traversing through my nerves
as warm as a mother’s hug
caressing my senses, the highs and lows
the changing scales and shifting tones
changing my mood with alarming precision
the impact accentuates with the song’s rendition
i lay oblivious of worldly possessions
rejoicing in a state of spiritual transcendence
the strings of violin tugging at my heart
melting like wax from a burning candle
the riffs of guitar pumping like a motor
swaying away all my fears
the changing chords, a reverie of sorts
making that moment surreal…..

– My thoughts for Music.

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