Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 22, 2014

“You and all your forms”



“You and all your forms”

When I chose you, I was not just saying
When I said it, I was never playing
Dear, the first time I saw you there in plain
I saw in you what I could not explain
That was a first time my logic failed me
With no right answer, it just let it be
I know not what happened that very day
But there was nothing my logic could say
That was like nothing I have felt before
From then, I just could not help wanting more
When I wanted you, I meant all of you
Truthfully, without saying I love you
I walked to you, dear, with only one will
A will that became a wish I held still
I did not cower, I just went blindly
Against logic, I took you willingly
Frankly, dear, I knew so little about you
But I just wanted to make it with you
Ready to accept you and all your forms
Without rejecting any of your norms
Your past without me does not matter much
I will not judge you for those deeds as such
I will fight with you your ghosts of the past
They shall not haunt you, I’ll be there at last
I just want to be part of your present
The ladder that will help you to ascend
I’ll improve things I can change about you
And accept those I cannot change in you
No one is flawless, I don’t need perfection
But a soul with mere natural reflection

Being you is enough for me to want you
I just feel free from my lost life with you
Dear, what I saw in you is pure goodness
An innocence with a wild loveliness
Perhaps I will be part of your future
That all depends on the will of nature
You mean a lot to me, that’s all I know
Onto you, I will just give it a go
Under a vow, I will try and trust you
Catering for your joy, I’ll always be down
All I need is to be saver for you
Not like a lover, but more like a town
Trusting me is all it takes to win me
Right from the time you did, I was yours
Until the end, you shall always have me
Since that day, I knew I had to be yours
The truth is you became my new essence
My bliss, the only true one who makes sense
Even if I just have to break all the norms
I for now engage you and all your forms

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