Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2014





Years back, a boy felt in a pit
The pit was small and really deep
It was so dark inside that he couldn’t see anything
Eyes opened or eyes closed
It really didn’t make any difference He cried when he fell
Though he couldn’t see the bruises but the pain was there
He fumbled with his hands looking for an escape
But what he found scared him to death
He was stuck in a round pit with bricks all around
The only escape was the place from where he fell
The boy left a heart wrenching shreak
Days went by
Months also came and went
Time now was being counted in years
Since the day he fell never a day went by
When tears didn’t fall unbidden from his eyes
But now the pain had been taken over by a numbness
Tears that fell were a mixture of confused emotions
Can you blame him?
Poor boy was at the war with himself
At the stakes was his own sanity
He knew there was a way out

He could see a faint light over his head just few miles above
But he couldn’t find a way to get there
So just he cried and cried for few more times
Then came a moment which he thought was decisive
Don’t know what was special about that moment
Or maybe it was just his mind playing tricks
Whatever the reason may be, he decided it was now or never
He could either live here forever like this which was not living at all
Or he could get out of the pit and start over
In those years of sheer darkness and numbness, a part of him held on to hope
When numbness took over his heart and mind that one part didn’t fall in the trap
And finally that little part took the big decision for him
He had to live but in the light
So the boy screamed
He screamed at the top of his voice
He screamed with all his might
His voice was heard
The boy was saved
When he got out of the pit he looked at himself
He was covered in black soot
It took him a little time to clean himself up
When he was finally done
He shined like the brightest diamond you would have ever seen.

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