Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2014

!! ……..BEAUTY :: PHOBIAS……..!!.~by Dr, S. P. Nanda “Aas”



!! ……..BEAUTY :: PHOBIAS……..!!.

We are running a mad race,
In the darkness of realities,
Hidding, shadows of personalities
Under so-called status, casuistry,
In the search of mental clarity
Of our fake names identities,
Illusory desires of eternity, but
Ever in extreme, irrational fear
Of somthing,haunting phobias,
As of eyes- ommetaphobia,
Attracting colours chromophobia,
Beautiful faces, coprophobia,
Shining hair, trichophobia,
Silken skin, dermatosiophobia,
Handsome men, androphobia,
Gorgeous women, gynophobia,
Amorous marriage, gamophobia,
Lustrous dreams, oneirophobia,
Sunny, soothing dawn, eosophobia,
Relaxing night, nyctophobia,
Erotic rose flowers, anthophobia,
Sweet, tender touch, haptophobia,
Stimulating smell, olfactophobia.
Sensational sex, erotophobia,
Bodily pleasures, hedonophobia.
Even all mighty God, theophobia.
Phobias everywhere, chained
Our minds, dreams, thoughts,
Horrifying ever without halt,
But the serenity of love,
Seductiveness of beauty,
Majestic power of ignorance
Enabling us to fight back.!!!

©Dr. S. P. Nanda “Aas”, 24-11-2014.

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