Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2014

There is no place like Home~by rldubour



There is no place like Home

There is no place lie home, no truer words we speak.

Home is our foundation, of the lessons that we teach.

Each of us are different, in how we choose to live our life.

Responsible for our own actions, this seems only right.

Every second that has passed and gone before our eyes.


Is now memories of home sweet home and never put aside.

Sentimental journeys, of how love was always there.


No other place on earth just could not compare.

Of all the precious moments, where you could always share.


Peace of mind in knowing, that family is always there.

Love and inspiration and showing that they cared.

A place where fun and laughter always filled the air.

Comfort us when there was sorrow and helped us dry our eyes.

Encouraging us that life goes on and make us realize.


Life on earth is loaned to us, from birth until our death.

Inspiration, home has taught us to always do our best.

Kind words always spoken, you would always hear.

Even when you felt unsafe, home would wash away your fears.


Home is where your heart is, this is what it means to me.

Only home is the place, when ever I should leave.

My mind will ask me if they know, the love in which I have shown.

Every moment I think of this, There is no place like home!

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