Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2014





With little little steps she walked to the door
She was about to reach the doorbell when knocked down by a dog
She fell on her back on the porch
She sat down and looked for the bruises but there was none
So once again she stood on her little feet
She was about to reach the bell
One honeybee with honey in its legs landed on her head
Honey stuck to her hair so when honeybee flew she was dragged along too
Honeybee landed on a nearby flower in the garden and so was she
She got off the flower and started walking towards the door again
This time when she reached for the doorbell she found she couldn’t ring it because her hands were short
But determined to do the task she was here for she found a mop and held it tight
Then she finally pressed the bell with all her might
She started counting
Time was ticking
One two three four
At five, the lady of the house opened the door
She asked the little girl’s name
The girl said sweetly that her name was Chance
Then she held out her hand for lady to hold
The lady fell into a spiral of doubts about what to do next
The little girl stood still on her little feet looking at the lady with her not so little eyes
The lady was taking too long
But she finally made the decision and stepped ahead to hold the little girl’s hand
Alas! She was too late
A strong wind came from a distance and swept away Chance with it.

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