Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2014





Etherized by too much pain I hardly mind
Your giving still a little more —
Your annual doses of a card or two
With those familiar alphabets
That years back inked your last love letter ;

Wishes of anniversary or new year
Tear thro’ this heart’s inner walls
Like acid that burnt faces of girls
Who refused when forced to comply ,
And I’m sure the more pain you give
Nearer to your crumbling images
like a masochist I fly
Spreading my half-broken wings across
The faded rainbow of our love in your eye .

Time has stolen the earth from under my foot
The sap from the shoot
The trunk away from my root
And the limitless expanse of a glorious sky
For my words to jump into fall
Of mists in morning leaves’ tear-filled eye
Where like dew under the Sun swiftly I die .

Comp. n copy right : Saroj K. Padhi

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