Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2014

======= YOU ARE MY LIFE ==========~by Vivek Dubey



======= YOU ARE MY LIFE ==========

When I saw you
Just fell
In love with you
Even without
Knowing your choice
I guessed
You are ambitious
And noticed
You are stylish too
Then I looked
At myself for a while
And laughed
Laughed quite loudy
Deep within
Very gently & silently
Understanding how difficult
It’s going to be
For me
To make you realize
You are my love
And you are my life
Most difficult part is
I feel a lot

Practice to express
My feelings and emotions
I have for you
But when I see around
I just pass my time
Seeing you talking happily
With your friends
I get lost in your
Beautiful smiling eyes
When accidentally
You look at me
I could not express
What I feel
Neither you understand
How I feel
Yes it’s not your fault
I guess
It’s not mine as well
Whatever it is
Wherever you are
Near to me or very far
But do keep it in your mind
You are my love
And you are my life

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