Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey dinner with a lesson ~by rldubour



Thanksgiving Turkey dinner with a lesson

One morning in the back room while
loading up the guns
Our dad walked in and asked,
“What you up to sons?”

We’re going hunting dad to get
us one big bird.
He said put the guns away
this is what we heard.

We did as we were told to do
and locked them up real tight.
I thought we were in trouble
sure glad I was not right!

We found dad on the porch
waiting patiently.
He patted the floor beside him
“Come sit next to me.”

“Going to teach you boys a lesson
that my dad taught me.”
“How to catch a wild turkey
As easy as can be.”

He told us to go in the barn
he would be right along.
No longer did I have those thoughts
that we did something wrong.


When he walked in the barn he
had something in his hand.
Wrapped in a paper bag and
tied with a rubber band.

He told us to get a pail and
fill it half with oats.
And take the club for mixing
as he cleared his throat.


He led us out the pasture to

where the woods began.

That’s when we finally saw

what was in his hand.


It was Kentucky Bourbon

the whole bottle poured right in.

We mixed it up really good

he called oats and bourbon gin.


We left that pail there overnight

we were in for one surprise.

Next morning when we went back,

could not believe our eyes!


There they were all over

turkeys everywhere!

We picked out the biggest one

It didn’t even care!


That year we learned a lesson

to hunt without our guns.

Our dad, he was really something

as he bonded with his sons.


  1. Is this a true story? If so that’s awesome. 😊

    • lol yes on both counts!!!! thank YOU and have a very special Thanksgiving Day~

      • You too. 😊

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