Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2014





Emotional, psychological and physical trauma
Can be healed through spiritual philosophy
No doctors, no pills just a natural self-therapy
No money just dedication and concentration
It is a simple and very practical approach
To curing some afflictions that can befall us
Take time to yourself and reflect within
Disassociate yourself from surroundings
Calm your nerves to be free from stress
Converge your thoughts to self-awareness
Reach deeper into your spirit consciousness
Become that ambiance that inhabits your body
View yourself from a completely new dimension
This feeling can be described as a waking dream
It bestows a state of clairvoyant peaceful nostalgia
As the cosmic energy flow through your veins
With a colorful spectrum of exquisite sensations
This uplifts your quintessence to greater heights
It dawns new light on how to better ourselves
Both inside and outside with positive vibrations
Influences of negativity such as pain and suffering
Get cleansed out like water flowing through sand
It also unlocks the secret to attaining inner peace
And opens the doors to wisdom and enlightenment
Leaving you fresh and shining like the morning sun

By Bernard Owor

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