Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014

Daily missive for Thursday the 27th of November.~by Peter Forster


Daily missive for Thursday the 27th of November.

For those few.

And still they fly.
The few,
Who were too many
To lose.
Wearing wings,
That in four weeks
Of frantic flight
Became theirs to keep,
For all eternity.
Watching over
Clearing skies,
The whole of life’s horizon,
Surrounded by the blue.

Such young things,
Barely grown.
Still a child to
Those they left behind,
With nothing
But the heartbreak.
On the mantle,
A photograph,
A medal,
A sepia faded memory.

Such heroic waste
Of vibrant youth,
That may have
Never chanced
To feel a touch so sweet,
A lover’s kiss
Upon their lips,
Or lie upon
The grass so green,
And gaze together
Into the deepest sky,
And glory,
In the tragedy
Of its stark beauty.

But even now
They will, still fly.
In the wisp of vapour trails,
In winged hearts,
And the sound
Of aero engines,
Spitting fire in tribute,
As together,
In close formation,
They all fly by.

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