Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014

SOOTHING DAWN~by Anil Kumar Panda




Break of dawn; a cup of tea;
Sipping slowly till a shade of light I can see
Grazing across the body of pale blue sky
Where upon night goes slowly to die

Open the curtain; switch off lamp;
Walk in the garden, where soil is damp;
Inhale the air; it seems fresh and cool;
Watching a bunch of worms, birds do drool

Play with a bud washed in dew
Glistening as if a star is born anew
Pluck a flower; take its fragrance deep;
Watch the birds as downward they leap;

Snap a twig; play with a frog;
It stares at me from lush green rug;
Stand on my head like a novice clown
Earth feels like spinning when get down;

Hear the flute; dance as a child;
Catch the ray that falls silvery and mild;
Turn towards the steps; tarry and gaze,
At my garden as it dips into dust and haze.

Right reserved@Tiku

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