Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 28, 2014

Daily missive for Friday the 28th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 28th of November.

Am I done now?
Is it all over?
The pencils,
With ends
Chewed down.
The broken pens,
Used as worry beads,
Finally laid to rest.
And on reflection
I wonder, what on earth
Their use was,
When a day
Is always full,
Right to the brim,
With added vim
And fizz.
Too much at times,
But often, just enough
To stimulate the interest.
And then it goes.
But in its passing
A new day arrives,
With a clang,
Of bells and whistles.
A high speed train
Of thoughts and deeds,
We struggle to hold on to.
With different plans
To be revised.
The machinery
Of life.

Always turning,
Constantly reviving,
In the stumble
To remain humble,
Whilst accepting gifts
And prizes.
Wearing different guises,
Not just for fun,
But for the sake of safety.
A chameleon effect,
Though good,
Never quite perfected.
Adopting ways to
Bare the weight
Of everyday surprises,
That may, finally
By no more than chance,
And serendipity,
Have lead to this,
Momentary bliss.
A time for peace,
Simplicity and tranquility,
A time for you,
A time for me.
A chance to dream,
A chance to be.

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