Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 28, 2014

++++++++ TRYING TO BE PERFECT +++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++ TRYING TO BE PERFECT +++++++

It’s good
If you want to be perfect
But do not you think
Always trying to attain
Hypothetical 100% perfection
Feels irritating
Making your life boring
Wasting your time
For unwanted things
Which actually never matters
It makes no sense
When everyone knows very well
Nothing in our world
Ever attains 100% perfection
But still if you want
You can keep trying
As trying is part of life
But it’s bad
To force each and everyone
Trying to be prefect
As per your own principles
It’s better to realize
And appreciate the fact
Each human being
Is perfect in some or other way
As per his conditions
And if you relate this with
Today’s professionalism
Even if you are prefect
In this or that way
But you still have
Enough scope improvement
Believe me
If you ask yourself
You love being prefect
But still you don’t
Want to miss moments of joy
Life offers each second
Just running after perfection
Trying to be perfect

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