Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 28, 2014





So easy to love and be loved in return
A blessing
A fire that sparks in two hearts
Warming the both and warding off the cold
Then there are those who hold a fire in their hearts
Well aware its flame will never be shared
Though they know the fire will consume their existence
But they can’t help being in love with those they can’t ever have
Lovers say we will find a way
But these lonely souls are confused
Who to go to
Who to go from
They can’t stop
They can’t walk
They are often advised to move on But where are the ones that can show them how
With tears hanging on the corner of their eyes
They love and care
Bearing a smile outside
Wearing a pain inside
Isn’t it the definition of a selfless love?

That’s not fair
One who loves should be loved back
Maybe not by the same person but someone else
Though as glorified unrequited love could be
It’s a thing of pain
Emptying yourself for someone else
There is no glory in that
The vacuum gnaws and endeavors
At last, nothing is left
All those home of love
You are waiting on the porch
For someone who would never come
It’s freezing outside
You need warmth
Open the backdoor
Someone is waiting for you on the threshold.

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