Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2014

++++++++ DREAM WORLD +++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++ DREAM WORLD +++++++++++

Have you ever imagined
In your daily dreams
A dream world
Where there is love
Love and only love
In everyone’s heart for other
Where people do care for
Others with their loved ones
In fact that world
Is like a heavenly place
And an ambiance for togetherness
With all basic amenities
Available to one and all
Irrespective of rich and poor
Where people do care
If you are hurt
And offer much needed help
Where a girl can walk alone
On any street
Be it day or late at night
You get excited
I mean you get thrilled
Being in such a lovely world
In your daily dreams
You call it a dream world
Opening your eyes
Everyday in the morning
Praying to super God almighty
Honestly with pure heart
To give wisdom and strength
To all human beings
Making them realize the need for
Thinking our whole world
As a single family
Always protecting each other
From all the harms
Wishing for each others happiness
In every possible forms
Making our this strange world
A better place to live
Like that dream world
Encompassing essence of humanity
Promoting peace,harmony & love
Above all and first

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