Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2014

LONG WAY~by Tiya Rai




At times words are less to say,
Time seems to slips away like Hay..
Life is not easy without struggles,
Yet this Heart says to fight back being Humble.
Not knowing the Road is leading me where?
but Will says im going to walk till the end without any Fear.
Even if the way ahead is not clear,yet i will walk ahead with
a believe that somewhere the destination is Near…
Even if the Nights are Long and Dark?
Believe to be strong enough to leave your marks .
Let the way be full of Rocks and thorns,
Wear that smile on face,so that u get to walk all the
miles ahead with all the grace..
Its a long way to Go,,,
Yet there is lot more to know….
Composed and Copyrighted by-Tiya Rai

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