Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2014

“The man who didn’t care!”~by Eddie Pop



“The man who didn’t care!”

Grey hair, a sad look with a dark complexion
Resting in an old frame with wrinkled reflexions
He was a man many thought careless
A gentleman who, with time, came to care less
Nothing seemed able to attract his attention
Life had nothing to put his heart in motion
He had lost all faith in humanity
The world had muddled his great integrity
We know not what really happened to him
But we could see it killed the man in him
He looked like a ghost trapped in a body
Struggling never to let the human be
The way he spent his time musing all night
One could say he had no more reason to fight
He was just living without knowing life
Whether he didn’t care or that was his life?
It was hard to read those eyes crushed by age
His thoughts were well shielded in his sage cage
He might’ve seen a lot in his existence
Probably more than what he should have sensed
He seemed too old even for the age he had
He stayed same even when his world called him mad
He just would not care! He seemed truly done
His very desire to live seemed long gone
We just knew him as the man who didn’t care
With an unspoken wisdom all too fair

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