Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2014

WHEN I AM ALONE~by Rajendra Padhi




When I am alone
I am wafted like a leaf struck with wonder
In soften ways the breeze takes to boundless fields
Falling from the tree in the winding hill stealthily
Move in the unending roads of life to path unseen
Echoing me in morn with smiling flowers in bowers
Flying timelessly in a frightened journey by wind
Falling over mud and slush and rising again in its roar
Dries up more in sun and moist again on dew
Bewildered in my flight so quick to the twilight glow
Mingling in tears of old memory as a young one
Pure and tender shining green in the lushly tree.
When I am alone
I find me for what I stand, for what I feel of truth
Locked in my thoughts gazing the distance I travelled
Slipping fast like sand under my feet in the tide of time
Moving me to death, a fruit ripened to fall sure at night
In its delusion or day in its illusion freeing fleeting joys
Leaving my skeleton on shore without a name
As I fondly hear with love frightens my face.
When I am alone
I drip into words like water of cascade in evening song
Reading me between its lines my little heart writes
As voice of God through me like fragrance from flowers
Into our breath shadowing the grief of nights in its art
Sweetly flowing from flute of soul for my own wonder
Of me as a seed sown and mown in moments rare.
Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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