Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2014

ADIEU~by Saroj Padhi




The day you finally left me
in the hot shadow of a harsh noon
Under the spectre of a fading moon –
I lost count of days and nights ,
Control over sounds and sights ;
And many strange things happened
Like lightning , every now and then
That to all so very soon !
Every simple thing was just an image of you
Every small sound , a whisper from you
Every second , a memory
Every happening , a story
And spread across the canopy of imagination
You were the lone, faded , past glory .
The mirror lost interest in my face
And in the courtyard of my own home
My name lost its address ;
I fell like a cursed star out of divine grace .
Your parting time copper sulphate look
Put out the entire colony of desires,
On the corridors of power houses
Sunk into a pitch darkness of dead fires .
I have turned into a heap of ashes since then
With a few flickers reborn from time to time
In the oven made of dolls house’s mud and mire ;
When you are in constant love with fire
Burning there in the land of your constantly rising desire .
Comp. n copyright Saroj k padhi :


  1. Beautiful.

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