Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2014

++++++++++ TERRORISTS +++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++++ TERRORISTS +++++++++++

None of the terrorists
On our earth
Are terrorist by birth
So who are they
Killing innocent people
With their AK 47 & sharp weapon
Definitely for no reason
How one forgets
His very human nature
He is born with
To become inhuman
That’s quite strange
How one leaves behind
Teachings of love and peace
Taught by his mother
To become a killing machine
For social robbers
I guess terrorists
Involved in terror activities
Are not the real culprit
They are just the
Poor people like us
If not all
Then most of them
Searching for job and food
For their family
Who were later got
Brain washed by few or many
Power hungry and selfish
Antisocial leaders
Showing them path of
Sacred life
For the sake of religion
Which in turn brings
Death accompanied with hell
Which is mentioned
In each and every religion

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