Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2014

THE EMPTY~by Mark Miller




Memory’s memento play of dance in haunted rhymes performance
Fleeting feelings denatured pieces shattered drops emptiness
Infinite minutes on obsessed stairways stare a pair of strangers in still portraits
Insentient shade of vain seeks weakness in subsistence displayed existence
Deaden minds futile recognition of subtle implication tunes mimics stringed silence
Off course of curse reveals desperate symbols deceived behind curtain in permanence
Hurried pace in haste leaves unnoticed footprints unframed in the obscure
Refraction’s inner mirror distorts an inferior observer of human nature
Shaken havoc hemorrhages panic into an altered persona vacant by permanent sedation
Denials deleted steepened mental horrors conscious condition of seduction
Stirred and poised the serpents coiled claws reach out VIOLENT stringent precision
Polarized and paralyzed signals severed forever never reaching owners presence

by Mark Miller © 11/13/2013

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