Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 3, 2014

I WEPT TODAY~by Edidiong Etukudoh




I wept my grieve to the clouds
The clouds answered with deeper
Grieve as rain
The clouds spoke those turbulent words in tongues
of rain
The land is green, has always been
Only that those high ups fail to plough
Their bearded tongues speaks of sacrifice but I
wonder why it is the low downs that must always
Many a season we’ve sowed sacrifices like corn
Poured patience upon the land like libation
They only sit and watch unwilling
When will this corn bear fruit?
Well! it does but it is stocked in few warehouses
Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop
They groan in their chambers
Confused men except for where to hide the loot
Blind deciding the fate of seeing men
I wept my pains to the clouds today
It did respond with a thunderbolt, heavy wails upon
this land
For the clouds felt my pains, our pains and wept
with me, a heavy down pour to cleanse and

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