Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 4, 2014

LOVE AND WISDOM~by Lokendra Porush




Wisdom was only my weapon
To tackle the battles on earth
Of evil, malice and of passion
And of emotions in death and birth
But a single conflict of emotions
On the upfront of passion-love
Has washed all my wisdom
Leaving me to lose entity
Diminishing the notion mirth
All my wisdom is falling shorter
To tackle the battle-love
As it seems all my purity
Burning in the passion hearth,
As rattled has been my sanctity
Shackled is my wisdom now
Unsettled has been impulsion
And is facing notion dearth
I feel m losing the battle
My head has succumbed to heart.!!

©rights by: Lokendra Porush
Dec 3, 2014

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